Schedule your 1-hour delivery window between 3pm and 11pm!


Scheduled package deliveries & hassle-free return pickups

Online shopping is fast and convenient, two aspects deliveries do not embody, because they mostly arrive when you are actually not at home. Missed delivery slips are nerve wrecking and we all, at some point, experienced the frustration of coming home only to find a delivery notice stuck to our door. Slotbox will solve this problem by giving online shoppers the demanded flexibility to schedule deliveries and return pickups between 3pm and 11pm. We sign for you, notify you, return for you and securely hold your goods until you are actually ready for dispatch.

Follow these three steps and your next delivery or return will be a no-brainer:

  • Box Up Merchandise

    Pack your item(s) you would like returned in a box and affix a prepaid return label to it. Book your return here

  • Schedule Pickup
    Use our booking tool to select your desired pickup window between 3pm and 11pm.
  • Pickup at your Doorstep
    Relax at home and hand your packed items to your Slotbox courier.
  • Send Packages to Us

    Send us your packages. We will send you a notification when your online purchases are safe and sound at our secure depot. Sign up for your Slotbox address here

  • Schedule Delivery
    Select a convenient delivery window between 3pm and 11pm when you are ready to have your item(s) delivered. Today. Tomorrow or even in a of couple days.
  • Sign Delivery
    Come to the door and sign for your delivery. In case you run late just text your courier a few hours in advance through our in-app messenger.


Slotbox works with your schedule

  • Save the Trip
    No more missed deliveries & hassle-free returns. Avoid trips to pick up and drop off packages at post offices.
  • Secure Depot Locations
    Slotbox keeps your packages safe until you are home and ready for delivery.
  • Track & Stay in Touch
    Chat with your courier to adjust delivery and pickup details at all times.
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Pricing Plans

Pay As You Go

€4,90 per package

1-hour delivery window

Pay per each package delivered

No long term contracts

Monthly Flatrate

On request

1-hour delivery window

Unlimited package deliveries & returns

No long term contracts

You have general questions about how Slotbox works and what services we offer? Learn more here and start avoiding missed deliveries.